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    Lough Hyne

    Lough Hyne is a natural, hand-crafted Premium Irish Spirit Liqueur at 30% ABV (60 proof). It is matured in Irish oak and sherry cask oak to deliver a very clean finish with fruity resonances. The unique maturation process of Lough Hyne accentuates a slight grape-like sweetness. Lough Hyne is unique in offering the consumer a non-sweetened savory brown spirit. Then contemporary packaging of Lough Hyne reflects its vibrant nature and target market.

    1. Detailed information


    Country of Origin: Ireland
    Alcohol Content: 30% Vol
    Net Content: 700ml
    Colour: Pale amber gold
    Aroma: Strong vanilla, toffee, creamy, pleasantly woody

    Taste: Medium bodied, mellow, sweet, vanilla, toffee. Pleasant tannins, nice bite, brandy notes, well balanced.
    Finish: Toffee sweetness



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